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Design Tips When Selling A Home

With many properties currently on the market for sale, ensuring that your property stands out and looks its best will help you to achieve the asking price of your property when selling your home.

When your home is on the market, the first four weeks are crucial in ensuring you sell your home fast for the right price. This makes it important to hit … Read more »

Can You Really Predict The Real Estate Market?

People love to predict the real estate market – where it’s going, how low it’s is going to go, or high it will rise. Everyone wants to know if they are in the selling phase should you get on the market right now so you can make the most out of the boom before it turns, or … Read more »

Creating social change with KOCO

Countless initiatives are being born every day by amazing individuals who are creating social change. We thought we would take the opportunity to share a story that has inspired us.
What is Knit One Change One (KOCO)?
Danielle Chiel is the owner and founder of KOCO (Knit One Change One) – an Australian company formed in partnership with women who live … Read more »

First Offer On A House: Do I Have To Accept An Offer?

Do you have a price in mind to sell your house? Commonly asked questions I hear are “Do you have to accept an offer on your home?” or “Should I accept the first offer on a house?”

To answer these, the question to ask is “What will it cost you to wait for THAT price and what is my home … Read more »

3 Tips For Pricing Your Home To Sell

With the market constantly moving, there are 3 things you should be aware of for pricing your home to sell.

If you are wondering how to get the asking price for your home so it doesn’t sit on the market this video will outline how to undertake house price research, how to price your home and how to get the asking price…. Read more »