Creating social change with KOCO

Countless initiatives are being born every day by amazing individuals who are creating social change. We thought we would take the opportunity to share a story that has inspired us.

What is Knit One Change One (KOCO)?

Danielle Chiel is the owner and founder of KOCO (Knit One Change One) – an Australian company formed in partnership with women who live in rural villages of Southern India. KOCO means Knit One (garment), Change One (life).

KOCO employs women from rural villages in Southern India, with many of these women having little or no formal education, and no employment opportunities apart from seasonal labour work.

Each woman employed by KOCO not only learns the skill and science of hand knitting, but also English and mathematics skills, time management, and communication skills.

KOCO artisans are trained to hand knit to exact specifications for catwalk fashions for global fashion brands, along with huggable toys, luxurious homewards, amongst other things. All the proceeds are used to help train, and employ more unskilled women in Rural Southern India to knit so they can support their families and live a more empowered life.

KOCO has a goal to employ 40,000 women in rural south India, breaking negative economic cycles and ensuring the viability of village life. In order to achieve this goal, they need to knit one million garments each year.

How you be creating social change with KOCO?

With Christmas well on the way, we are helping to promote these beautiful hand-knitted Christmas decorations on behalf of Danielle of which proceeds will go towards her Knit One Change One Project. By purchasing 12, you will be helping to employ one woman for a week.

You can visit to view the full story, and see and purchase the amazing designs.

One Agency JD Property Agents and Joanne Danckwardt are proud to support Knit One Change One, and are an affiliated partner of the Change Agent Initiative where industry experts choose to give back collectively and help create social change.

Will you join Joanne in supporting Danielle Chiel with the Knit One Change One initiative – creating social change with KOCO to assist women in Southern Rural India?

Please feel free to spread the word. You can connect with me on Facebook and watch Danielle’s journey unfold or contact me on 0426 264 771 for further information.

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