Why Should You Use a Property Video When Marketing Your Home For Sale

Over the years, there has been many changes when marketing your home for sale. Advanced technology has seen the emergence of online platforms which allows for easy access to video promotions allowing your property to be advertised in a sophisticated and detailed manner.

In this video, well known identity, Kane Weeks, from the Real Estate Products Group joins us in a discussion about the changing advertising and marketing platforms in real estate when selling your property. The Real Estate Product Group is a company that supplies videos, professional photography, furniture styling and floor plans for the real estate industry, helping us successfully sell your home.

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Property Videos

A new innovative way to market homes is through the use of professional and detailed videos. Both buyers and sellers engage with these videos as they showcase the property in its best light. Videos have been around since the inception of YouTube, in 2005, with the real estate industry only now catching up to the technology and its platform. With people now making the most of their mobile phones, videos are an easy way for them to view the property through their phone.

Property videos can show more intimate features of the property to buyers, such as flora and fauna. They allow us to express what can’t really be said in a photo, and allow emotions to be articulated, something which can be difficult to do with a newspaper advert.  Lifestyle benefits can be highlighted much more effectively with a property video, allowing you to showcase the property to a buyer to illustrate to them how it will change their life and what they will enjoy about living in the home.

Some property aspects simply cannot be put into words in a written format. Highlighting aspects such as a trickling fountain, or a cool shaded deck area in the backyard can be difficult to show to someone when they are flicking through a newspaper or magazine. Technology is now allowing us to push this information to someone so that they can see what lies within the property.

Below are some examples of our some of properties we have sold that have been shown in their best light through our production of their property video as a part of their marketing campaign.



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Secrets to being ready to sell checklist


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