What makes a good real estate agent?

While every agent has their own way of doing things, good real estate agents will always have some common traits.

If you are wondering what makes a good real estate agent, this video will outline three easy ways to help you to avoid choosing the wrong agent.

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Below are 7 qualities to be on the lookout for when looking for the ideal agent to sell your home:

1. Communication

If the agent is not a great communicator, the stress levels of sellers and buyers can increase. The agent should be able to keep you updated at all times to ensure that you are not wasting time or opportunities. A good agent should be able to ascertain what your preferred method of communication is so that you don’t feel ignored, or pressured by too much communication.

2. Proactive

A good agent should be proactive in calling potential buyers, and communicating with existing sellers.

3. Be a good listener

As a client, you should be the one that does most of the talking. Your agent should be listening to ensure that they understand your needs and requirements.

4. Client-motivated

A good agent will always have their clients’ needs as their top priority. With real estate transactions being stressful, it is important that the agent make sure that their client is feeling supported. A good real estate will recognise that no two sales are the same and will be able to adapt their approach to the specific needs of their client.

5. Local area knowledge

Agents sell more than a home – they sell the lifestyle that comes with it. To do this effectively requires a deep understanding of the local area. Ask your prospective agent some questions about the area, such as train and bus routes, schools, etc.

6. Time frame and motivation

A good agent should know their client’s time frame, why their clients are selling, and what their future plans are. The agent should know if there is any sentiment attached to the property being sold, as those needs will be different to someone selling an investment property. A good agent will know the difference in these transactions and adapt accordingly. A good agent will assist you to price your home to sell in your desired time frame.

7. Can provide client reviews

The easiest way to find a good agent is to look at their past clients for a reference. Ask your prospective agent for testimonials or statements from their last 20 clients, not their selected clients, but their last 20 clients.

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